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The Health Literacy Hub provides advice on how to get the most from your health provider, find health services and access reliable information. On this page, you can find links to government websites that provide advice and tips for:

  • talking to health professionals

  • finding a health service

  • accessing health information that you can trust.

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Talking to health professionals Talking to health professionals

    The following websites provide practical advice for patients and consumers on what questions you can ask when you go to visit your health provider.

  • Health Direct Question Builder

    Prepare for your medical appointment by creating a list of questions to ask your doctor.

  • Choosing Wisely Questions

    Five questions to ask your doctor or other health provider.

Finding a health service Finding a health service

    The following websites provide general advice on finding a health service and specific information on how to get to hospitals and health facilities in the Western Sydney Local Health District.

  • Health Direct Find a Health Service

    Find health services close to you.

  • Western Sydney Local Health District

    Find out how to get to hospitals and health centres in Western Sydney Local Health District.

Finding health information that you can trustFinding health information that you can trust

    The following websites provide information on selected health conditions including one website that provides a simple, symptom checker.

  • NSW Health Ministry – Health topics from A–Z

    Provides information and fact sheets on a wide range of common illnesses and health problems.

  • Health Direct Symptom Checker

    Enter your symptoms to work out the best way to get help.

  • Trust it or Trash it – Advice on how to identify trustworthy sources of information

    Tips for finding reliable health information.

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